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Blueeee!.com introduces a revolutionary, first of its kind bluetooth instant messenger for mobile platforms
Wednesday, September 26, 2007

TORONTO, CANADA. Founded during the Summer of 2007, Blueeee! is the leading instant messenging program for numerous mobile phone platforms. Blueeee! is a FREE bluetooth instant messenger for mobile phones. Fun, fast, and easy to use, Blueeee! utilizes Bluetooth technology to search for friends online and chat with them exactly the same way as you would do with MSN/Windows Live Messenger, ICQ, Yahoo AIM, or other instant messenging programs on your computer.

The concept of Blueeee!, a bluetooth based instant messenger for the mobile phone market, was first formed by Li., the president of business and international development at Blueeee!, when she envisioned an interconnected world without boundry; an instant messenger on every mobile phone that would allow people to communicate with one another freely without worrying about costs, air time, and data transfer rate - this is what true communication means in an interconnected world.

Blueeee! allows mobile phone users to communicate with friends on their mobile phones using Bluetooth technology. This effectively bypasses the cellular service provider's network, and allows a person to send an unlimited amount of text messages to another person without paying any fees at all.

Blueeee! is designed to resemble the look, feel, and ease of use of modern instant messaging programs on the computer platform, and is programmed to be universally usable on all mobile phones that have Bluetooth technology built in, and are capable of running Java programs.

It is the goal of Blueeee! to provide a complete and carefree link of communication between everyone in this interconnected era.

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