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Investor Relations
The Investor Relation section of this site provides a wide variety of information about Blueeee!.com, why you, as an investor, might be interested in Blueeee!.com, and how you can invest in the company.

Creating the Future of Wireless Communication
Our objective is to empower mobile users to engage in a completely free and wireless communication world through the development of software that will enable these users to communicate without worries.

Strategic Partnership/Branding
If you are a mobile phone manufacturer, Blueeee!.com can quickly and effectively set your mobile phone products apart from its competitors by bundling a branded version of Blueeee!.com mobile instant messenger on your products. The cost of branding Blueeee!.com to your products is extremely affordable and customizable. Contact us today to obtain a strategy that is custom designed and tailored to your company.

How to Obtain more Information?
If you are interested in obtaining more information on why you might and how you can invest/partner with us, please feel free to e-mail us at investor@blueeee.com